November 26, 2010

Todays the Big Day ! !

Alabama - Auburn Game

I'll be cheering for both!!
Does that make sense?
Well,  it does to me because I've got ties to both.
Oldest graduated from Auburn
Youngest graduated from Alabama
Go Figure!!!
I say it's gonna be a Good One!
War Eagle!   ಌღ   Roll Tide !

Who do you think is going to win ?
any votes ?


  1. My brother graduated from Auburn, but I have a lot of friends who are Tide fans. Game just ended. I think I'm beginning to get sick of Auburn always winning at the end.

  2. Auburn had a tough team this year.
    They ought to feel proud. They beat the 2009 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS in big T
    I bet the crowd was going crazy and could be heard all the way to Birmingham!
    I could almost hear them all the way here in Texas LOL.

  3. Well you saw my post - WAR EAGLE. We are a house divided! Love that you have been everywhere like me! Our states have been: Started in LA (Lower Alabama) - Florida, Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Ohio, South Carolina, Alabama and back to South Carolina. Have the Lord will travel!