November 27, 2010

I'll be Super Busy!

Probably won't be posting much in the next few days.
I'm busy working like crazy trying to get some things listed to sell on eBay.
Taking decent good clear photos, writing a description and figuring out a fair asking price is very time consuming.  But it does seem to be a good way to get rid of tons of excess stuff I have around here.
Trying to downsize in preparation for an out-of-state move is not an easy trick.  

How in the world did I ever accumulate so much stuff? 
Oh yeah,... I remember.  I inherited a lot of it  (lucky me) .. .AND  I happen to be a sentimentalist who has a hard time letting go of stuff with memories. 

Oh and by the way....anybody wanna buy a house ? 



  1. Good luck on getting everything sold. I need to take pictures and get rid of things too..

    Sorry, I don't need to buy a house..I hope you get it sold..

  2. Cindy sells stuff on E-Bay, too. I am always amazed at how time consuming it is---taking pictures, getting the descriptions just right, communicationg, wrapping, etc. Whew.

  3. So good to see you at my lovingrealfood blog!

  4. Good luck on that sale these days. Hope EBay is quicker.

  5. I feel for you. My wife's mom died a few years ago and we are both pack rats. Not only are our closets overflowing with stuff, but our shed and barn are bulging too.
    Good luck.

  6. Good luck with you sales on Ebay...I've sold a ton of things this way over the years, it's a great way to move things out.