March 18, 2012

The Power of Prayer !


A prayer in the morning
means a day of blessing, for sure

A prayer in the evening
means a night of rest secure


A prayer in our weakness
means the clasp of a mighty Hand

A prayer when we're lonely
means someone to understand

A prayer in our sorrow
means comfort, and peace and rest

A prayer in our doubting
assures us _ the Lord knows best


A prayer in rejoicing
gives joy and added delight


Those who remember God's
goodness go happily into the night

There's never a day nor a season
that prayer cannot bless every hour

No soul need ever be helpless
when joined with God's infinite power

March 13, 2012

The Google Car !

I'm sure most everyone is familiar with 
Google Maps - Street view ...

..... but I wonder how many of you have seen the little car that drives on the streets to capture the views!

Ahhhh...... isn't it cute ?

And a close up view of the camera......

So let us know..... have you ever been caught on the Google camera?