December 19, 2011

Music Sheet Ornament Set

The Pottery Barn 'Music Sheet Pick Ornament Set' was sold out, ..however I found a great tutorial of how to make my own at  Katies Rose Cottage Designs Blog.
I think they are even prettier... So I will be busy trying to make my own.

This is a picture from her Blog.
Drop over to see for yourself, she has a fantastic Blog.

Thank you Lori for sharing sharing such a great tutorial !


  1. wow what a wonderful ideal....some folks just have all that "smart" inside their heads...I have a couple of BB's that roll around! :-/
    LOL Merry Christmas my blog friend

  2. It's very pretty and an original idea.

  3. @ Rhonda..... Yes I know what you mean about a couple of BBs rolling around. I have those too in my head....LOL.
    Thanks for your post. ☼

  4. Belle.... Thank you for your comment.
    Happy Holidays! ☼

  5. Yvonne,... Congratulations on your brand new book. I can't wait to order it from Amazon.
    Thank you for leaving a comment today on my Blog today.
    Happy Holidays to you!

  6. Digital Flower Pictures:
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.
    I love the beautiful flower pictures you have on your blog.
    Especially the picture of the Happy Single Date Dahlia with the bee on it :-)

  7. That's a terrific idea- and way to go in having the creativity to do it yourself!

  8. Thanks Shelly.
    Problem is... I'm usually 90% inspired with only 10% talent. LOL

  9. Hi Alida
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my Blog.
    It made me discover your wonderful Blog about your adventures in Belize.
    The pictures of your Lunch made me hungry :-)

  10. Love this ornament.. gonna try try it soon. so nice to meet a fellow Texas resident, and thanks for following me...I am following you now!

  11. That is a great idea.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family..

  12. Oh, this is great! :) Thanks for sharing about it! :)