November 26, 2011

It's that time again !

As I said in a previous post I'll be cheering for both!! 
War Eagle !    ಌღ   Roll Tide !  

and then we have the......
                          Iron Bowl Pet Showdown ... yea!
~  Photos from the Huntsville Times   ~

All ready to watch the Big Game !!
Woof! Woof !

No,..  I'm not saying college football has gone to the dogs?   LOL  :-)


  1. Thanks for visiting over on Retired in Alaska. I will do up a post about the Northern Lights Christmas cards this next week. I'd work on it now but it's too dark and I need light for the photos. Well back to decorating. Have a great evening and glad to see you posting again. Nan

  2. Thanks Nan. It's good to be back. ;)
    I look forward to your post about the Norhern Lights Christmas Cards.

  3. I just love the dog photos in your post.
    In spite of the serious look in their eyes, they seem funny and cute.