April 20, 2012

Beautiful Bluebonnet Season !

The best part about living in Texas is the beautiful Texas wildflowers

They have been absolutely gorgeous this year

I especially love the Bluebonnets

Sometimes seeing them from a distance while driving on a road looks like a sea of blue

Even amateur photographers can't resist the urge to grab a camera and snap away

People love to put their children  or  their pets  among the flowers and take pictures


They  grow  everywhere !

I took these pictures just a few blocks from where I live

Aren't  they  awesome?


  1. We've been reveling in bluebonnets! I love them and your pics are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Shelly.
      I bet you have lots of them in your neck of the woods, don't you?

  2. You have just cheered one cold and lonely person.The weather here in the UK is awfully cold.
    The pics are wonderful. Thank you.


    1. Hi Yvonne.
      I'm so glad the pictures brought some cheer to you.
      I can't do much to help with the cold but I wish you could box it up and send it my way in a few more weeks when our weather temperature starts to go into 3 digets.

  3. Wonderful photos! I absolutely loved Texas when I lived there. I love the weather and the flowers! Many blessings to you and yours.~Cynthia

  4. Those flowers are awesome I really like the field of blue

  5. They are indeed awesome and I miss them very much since our move to Tennessee last year. I have many wonderful memories of vast fields of the 'bonnets thru the years...

  6. How incredibly awesome is God's designs....thanks for sharing

  7. Wow, those are truly amazing!

    I love the colours. I am your newest follower!

    Have a great day!
    Michael Lounsbury