January 6, 2012

My Very First Blog Award :-)

I want to thank Rhonda for giving me my very first blog Award. 
I am so happy to have made friends with Rhonda.  She has an awesome inspirational blog   "The Joy of Denim and Lace"  
Thank you Rhonda for the Award and for your friendship.

As per Rhonda's instructions I am to give this to seven others
1)  http://shellysm.blogspot.com/
2)  http://restoremelord.blogspot.com/
3)  http://whiteangels-thoughts.blogspot.com/
4)  http://jo-annemotherandnanna.blogspot.com/
5) http://mumsyandfurkids.blogspot.com/
6)  http://chattycrone.blogspot.com/
7)  http://www.simplylifephotographs.com/

Right now I am up to my eyeballs with computer problems. 
I will try to post again in the next few days......


  1. Congratulations on the award! Thank you for passing it on to us...that was very nice of you. We will get it blog out soon about the award. Hope you get your computer problems solved soon and easily. Hugs

  2. how sweet of you to think of my... I love visiting your blog and getting to know you! Thank you!

  3. Congrats on this first award! I'm so happy for you.

  4. Hi there gloW! :) Congratulations to you!! :) and to all recipients as well! :) Congratulations!!:) Keep sharing my friend! Blessed day!:)

  5. Congrats on a well deserved award, also congrats to the seven you passed it onto.


  6. Hey I got your email - my address is:
    skcz at comecast dot net
    Would love yours in able to comment back.
    I am number 70 of your followers and I love your blog - I hate to tell you that we think a lot alike - good or bad I don't know.
    You know I have been passed that award already - it is way down on my blog. But I thank you so much for thinking of me. Love, sandie

  7. Good afternoon. I want to thank you again for the beautiful award. I wanted to also let you know that I finally got a post out about it. Hugs

  8. Thank you for the Award..lovely of you :)