April 20, 2012

Beautiful Bluebonnet Season !

The best part about living in Texas is the beautiful Texas wildflowers

They have been absolutely gorgeous this year

I especially love the Bluebonnets

Sometimes seeing them from a distance while driving on a road looks like a sea of blue

Even amateur photographers can't resist the urge to grab a camera and snap away

People love to put their children  or  their pets  among the flowers and take pictures


They  grow  everywhere !

I took these pictures just a few blocks from where I live

Aren't  they  awesome?

April 4, 2012

" Oh Glorious Day "

My favorite Christian Music Group,
'Casting Crowns' ..   singing  "Oh Glorious Day" ! 
So appropriate for this week!     
 I just had to share it with my blog friends.

Hope all of you have a Joyful Easter!!

♫  g!oW  ♫

March 18, 2012

The Power of Prayer !


A prayer in the morning
means a day of blessing, for sure

A prayer in the evening
means a night of rest secure


A prayer in our weakness
means the clasp of a mighty Hand

A prayer when we're lonely
means someone to understand

A prayer in our sorrow
means comfort, and peace and rest

A prayer in our doubting
assures us _ the Lord knows best


A prayer in rejoicing
gives joy and added delight


Those who remember God's
goodness go happily into the night

There's never a day nor a season
that prayer cannot bless every hour

No soul need ever be helpless
when joined with God's infinite power